The future is the world of artificial intelligence

- Dec 08, 2017-

 Recently, the McKinsey report says that by 2030 there will be four to 800 million people worldwide jobs will be replaced by robots and automation, automation of more than 375 million practitioners in a career change and learn new skills. The report also points out that the most vulnerable to automation is the type of work that takes physical activity in a predictable environment. Such as mechanical operation, data collection and processing, assistant affairs, accounting and background transaction processing.

Artificial intelligence could help remove the "labor-intensive" hats from the rising labor costs and the growing artificial shortage of furniture.

The reality version of the machine is being pushed forward

Now, it is a big deal to talk about this topic. After all, the furniture factory is mainly manual operation, and there is a big gap in the pugong. But the disappearing demographic dividend is forcing furniture companies to do something about "automation" with internal and external resources. In zhejiang, the government has vigorously promoted the upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries and proposed the implementation of the "robot +" action plan. In guangzhou, it is proposed to apply industrial robots and intelligent equipment to more than 80% of manufacturing enterprises in the whole city by 2020. In foshan, government subsidies to support the robot enterprise, at present the city there are more than 300 intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises above designated size, emergence, schindler, jia teng, a batch of robot industry well-known enterprises such as the cedar; In dongguan, the government has pushed for 50 "robo-wise" projects in 2016, pushing companies to implement "machine replacement" automation projects.

Go in the first echelon of the enterprise, automatic and intelligent furniture, is gradually let the process automation: one is prone to volatile gas, leading to the occupational disease processes, such as spraying, replace the staff with robots, to achieve "zero volatile, zero - formaldehyde, zero pollution". Second, some key positions, such as in some furniture factories, open materials, drilling, packaging, warehousing and so on, are the main characters of the machine, the automation degree of the factory has reached over 60%.

Furniture enterprise automation as a first step, is to comb the entire process of measure and weigh and application between robots and artificial benefit is poor, let some of the key working procedure to realize the automatic parts, thus greatly improve production efficiency, have the effect of the "four two dial the daughter"; The second step is to speed up the flow of information between operations, such as the warehousing and inventory of raw materials and products, which will eliminate a large number of functional personnel, such as finance, HR, etc. And a few jobs pay lower, automation cost relatively high procedure, will not be included in furniture boss "automation" plan quickly.

Automation and intelligence will accelerate the shuffling of furniture enterprises

"Big industry, small business" the furniture industry attribute, decided not all furniture enterprises have the will, have the ability to realize automation.

Industry insiders point out that only 80% of companies with annual output value of 50 million to 100 million yuan are willing to invest more in production equipment and improve labor productivity. And the smaller the business, the smaller the output, the less willing to invest in the production of equipment. At present, in the enterprises that are engaged in automation and semi-automatic equipment, most of them are large scale plate and office furniture enterprises.

It is well known that for small furniture companies, margins are being squeezed lower and lower, and companies have little spare money to upgrade their production equipment and buy expensive automated production lines. In view of whole furniture industry, the product breed is more, board type furniture, soft pack furniture, solid wood furniture, hardware furniture, each production craft and process is very different. The production of each product involves a dozen links, can not all use the automatic line all at once, can only partial realization numerical control, automation first. Automation will accelerate furniture not only, therefore, the reshuffle of the enterprise, also will widen furniture category segment, the development of distance between the process easy standardization, process more concise furniture category of manufacturing enterprises, with large-scale development ability of enterprises will become the darling of the artificial intelligence era.

"Unmanned factory" is still the trend of furniture industry development. It is inevitable that the machine will liberate people to do creative work, and the furniture industry will be transformed from labor intensive to a smart industry. However, furniture workers need not panic, and in accordance with current development level, it will still take some time to replace labor with robots on a larger scale. And in the process of transition, new jobs will emerge, and training for workers to adapt to new jobs will increase.


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