The impact of minimalism on Chinese furniture design and its performance

- Oct 16, 2017-

 Minimalism is a continuation and development of minimalism. It argued that "design is the most basic design, eliminate the redundant elements, color, shape and texture," as the slogan of the 90 s "Back to basics (return to the beginning)", reveals a minimalist - that is, the original form to the choice of an extreme challenges the mainstream of the social material. Minimalism is by no means simple, and the lines and shapes that seem extreme and minimalistic contain a lot of thought and precise calculation.

Because minimalist furniture has extremely high requirements for appearance, structure, materials and process, not all designers dare to try their hand at it. Coupled with the lack of confidence of many designers, it is difficult to get rid of the complicated and trivial habits, and it is impossible to drive the minimalist road. Such minimalism has become a litmus test for senior designers. However, more and more consumers in Chinese cities, especially white-collar workers, have been very relaxed and happy with minimalism. The minimalist furniture style, and even the development of the minimalist interior decoration style, has greatly satisfied the simplicity of their urban complex and the psychological needs of its return to the source.


Image from designer Kateryna Sokolova

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