The surface of stainless steel surface gloss treatment method

- Jun 01, 2017-

Mirror bright stainless steel surface treatment: according to the complexity of the stainless steel products and the user request is different respectively by mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and electrochemistry polishing method to achieve bright luster. The pros and cons of these three approaches are as follows:

Mechanical polishing, good leveling, light intensity of labor is big, pollution is serious, complex pieces of difficult processing, burnish drops, investment and the high cost and simple artifacts, the small products, complex parts will not be able to process. The entire product luster to reach consensus, gloss retention time is not long chemical polishing: less investment, complex parts can throw, high efficiency, fast brightness is not enough, to add wet polishing liquid, gas overflow, need comfortable wind equipment. Complex product, light brightness request not high product can choose small batch processing is more economical

Electrochemical polishing: the mirror luster, long-term maintenance, technological stability, low pollution, low cost, good anti-pollution. Large investment, complex parts should be installed, auxiliary electrode, mass production to cool down products, long time to maintain mirror, bright product. Process stability, easy operation, widely used.

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