Use environment of outdoor furniture

- Jun 28, 2019-

  Before introducing product knowledge, it is necessary for us to understand the use environment of outdoor furniture, as well as the definition of outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture as its name implies, it refers to the application of outdoor, outdoor use of furniture. Due to the different use sites, the factors affecting the service life of products increase.


Outdoor products must be effective against ultraviolet radiation. The ultraviolet radiation in sunlight accelerates chemical decomposition and aging of various organic and inorganic materials,

Therefore, in order to extend the service life, outdoor furniture materials must be able to delay the aging caused by ultraviolet radiation.


Outdoor products must be able to effectively resist rain erosion. As we all know, if clothes are not dried in time after being wet by rain, there will be mildew. Outdoor products, too, must be able to effectively resist rain erosion. Besides, some rain water contains acid and alkali components, which have higher requirements on materials.


Outdoor products have higher requirements for temperature impact. In the natural environment, the outdoor temperature often ranges from minus 20 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. Under such a large temperature difference environment, it is easy to lead to the aging and damage of outdoor products. Such as in low temperature, some products will freeze crack, in high temperature environment, the strength of some products weakened. Based on the above three environmental factors, we know that to ensure the service life of outdoor furniture, we must strictly select the materials for outdoor furniture production.

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