What is a Tapping Screw

- Jul 13, 2017-

There are many types of screws used in construction and manufacturing today. A tapping screw is a special screw design that has self-drilling characteristics. These screws are used in sheet metal, steel, and wood. The benefit of a self-tapping screw is that the hole does not require pre-drilling before the screw can be used.

A self-tapping sheet metal screw is designed to secure objects to sheet metal. Sheet metal is typically used in airplanes, automobiles, metal tables, and shelving. The tapping screw works best for sheet metal because the screw design has the effect of pulling the metal tightly to the head.

The tapping screw comes in many different head designs. These include pan head, flat head, round head, hex head, and oval head. The head design is an important aspect for specific applications.

The flat head tapping screw is a screw design that has a flush flat head. This type of head design ensures the screw does not protrude above the secured object. The flat head screw typically requires a Philips screwdriver.

A self-tapping wood screw is a screw designed to secure wood objects. Some applications that require a self-tapping wood screw include shelving, furniture, and decks. These screws are unique because one can use them to drill into wood objects without causing a split in the material.

Using a flat head wood tapping screw is considered a best practice for deck building. These screws typically work more effectively than nails. The screws create an extremely tight connection between the deck boards and floor joist, which can reduce the warping effect of wood decks. These screws are also used in deck rails because they have the ability to connect thin rails without splitting the wood.

The thread design of a tapping screw is course and pitched at an angle. This pitch design forces the screw to drill into objects. Normal screws are smooth and require a nut for tightening.

The tapped screw is available in two formats. These are either thread-cutting or thread-forming screw designs. The thread-cutting design is meant to remove material as it is drilled. A thread forming screw is more difficult to remove because it creates a tighter bond to the material.

Tapped screws can also be used in steel applications. Steel screws are typically necessary in heavy equipment and tool applications. These tools are connected with special steel versions of tapped screws. Many automotive floor boards are connected with steel screws.

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