What is the difference between outdoor plastic wood and preservative wood

- Mar 26, 2018-

1, plastic wood profiles less loss than preservative wood.

Under the same construction area or volume conditions, plastic wood has less loss than wood. Because plastic wood is a profile, it is possible to produce a material that meets the required length, width, and thickness according to the actual size of the landscape project. The length of the preserved wood is stipulated dead, generally 2 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters.

2, plastic wood is the same under the construction conditions, you can win more.

Let's use an analogy, generally paving the outdoor floor. In the case of wood, we need about 45mm thick wood. And plastic wood, only need 25MM thickness of the material, its strength exceeds 45MM of wood. In other words, if the use of wood is 1 cubic meter, then plastic wood only needs about 0.5 cubic meters.

3, plastic wood is a profile, a lot of hollow specifications. Save a lot of material.

We all know that aluminum alloy doors and windows can be popularized so quickly, because it is a hollow profile, if it is solid, then the price is incredibly high. The hollow part of plastic wood, although not as high as the aluminum alloy, is relatively objective. Everyone knows that hollowness can not only reduce weight but also increase strength. Plastic wood can be hollow, and preservative wood is impossible.

4, plastic wood surface is not required to do paint treatment.

The general anticorrosive wood shall be painted or painted on the surface of the wood after the construction is completed or during the construction.

5, plastic wood products can be done without maintenance.

Because of the environmental temperature, humidity and solar ultraviolet radiation, the preserved wood is generally required to be maintained or painted in one year. In the long run, the maintenance cost of plastic wood is far more than that of preservative wood products.

6, the life of plastic wood can generally reach 8-9 times that of ordinary wood. Foreign sources show that plastic wood can be used for 40-80 years.

7. The upgrading of wood-plastic products is that the dismantled wood-plastic products can also be recycled for recycling, reducing resource consumption and complying with a low-carbon economy.


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