Wood wax oil - the pronoun of environmental furniture

- Nov 20, 2017-

 Living standards improve, people also more and more pay attention to the environmental performance of the furniture, when choosing furniture, will also be green columns such as the main position in the reference item, and today we take a look at synonymous with environmental protection furniture, wood oil.

Wood wax oil is a vegetable oil wax coating, domestic popularly known as the wood wax oil, is a kind of similar paint and different from paint of natural wood paint.

The main component of wood wax

The raw materials are made from the fusion of catalpa, linseed oil, suzi oil, pine oil, palm wax, plant resin and natural pigments. The pigments used in the color palette are environmentally friendly organic pigments. So it does not contain triphenyl, formaldehyde and heavy metals and other toxic ingredients, without the smell of pungent smell, can replace the pure natural wood paint of paint.

The principle of wood wax oil

The oil from wood wax can penetrate into the wood and provide deep moisture and maintenance. The wax can be closely combined with the wood fiber to enhance the surface hardness, waterproof and anti-fouling, wear-resisting and rubbing, which provides the most excellent maintenance and decorative effect for the wood.

Effect of wood wax oil

Wood oil can completely immerses in the wood, so the paint film and exist in traditional paint is very different in appearance, the surface is open texture effect, different can bring different real touch wood, and can trace, local repair and renovation construction is also very simple, just rub one or two times, very suitable for DIY, at the same time also won't cause harm to the health of construction personnel.

Wood wax oil price cost

Although per unit volume of wood oil paint more expensive than many, but the wood wax solid content rate is much higher than paint, wood oil per liter of spreading area of about 20 square meters in 1 time, plus wood oil construction materials and artificial cost is much lower (wood oil construction does not need other accessories and professional painter), so the cost per unit area will not be higher than good paint.

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