​The Experience Of Outdoor Furniture Users

- Apr 15, 2017-

Outdoor furniture is "indoor"

Woven rattan furniture still is the mainstream in the outdoor furniture. In professional point of view, however, there are different varieties, the cane makes up furniture furniture made of imitation rattan materials, in particular, is enough to "genuine". Outdoor furniture operator tells a reporter, they produce the cane makes up furniture is PE rattan, with imitation rattan appearance, but you can prevent and deformation. The cane makes up furniture, for bearing inner metal structure, usually with aluminum, if you want to save costs, a little cheaper with iron, surface do anti-rust treatment, but may be rusty after two years, so consumers should understand before buying furniture materials.

For outdoor furniture factory, do the "single" also is the main source of income. Companies have told reporters that their company main export market, he also noticed that in recent years, a trend - outdoor furniture also started to "indoor", because some countries in the summer time is short, moved into indoor outdoor home with more than half of the time, so they have close to the indoor furniture on outdoor furniture design style, only the material is still rust preventing deformation, can adapt to outdoor use.

Although the "single" is the key of the outdoor furniture manufacturers, however, as the domestic residents increasingly pay attention to the quality of life, outdoor large balcony and courtyard villa like on the outdoor furniture, especially the burgeoning tourism real estate, more outdoor furniture to a lot of business opportunities. The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, they now also gradually open up the domestic market, especially the tourism real estate projects, such as sanya city, some sold to villa apartment holidaymakers are usually free of charge with the floor three-piece (two PE cane chair and a table) to the buyer, so they can get a lot of bulk orders.

Users say: outdoor furniture practical is more important

Lives in huadu h and north and south of the heights of Jessie home have a big balcony, high 6 m for the outdoor furniture on the market are not satisfied, to find a special to do in qingyuan bamboo furniture manufacturers, their simple drawings, customize a set of bamboo outdoor patio furniture. Jessie told reporters, bamboo is not afraid of sun, the northern cold fear that increased brittleness, south bamboo do outdoor furniture is also suitable for local people and the climate. Waterproof as for this problem, she says, the tea table and chair on the terrace, on both sides have a solid wall block, the chance of rain drenched not too big.

S has a house in guangzhou and the western United States, so she have been familiar with both the outdoor furniture. Guangzhou this place is the most important outdoor furniture rain and sun, Midwest because of little rain, so a lot of outdoor furniture is wood. In decorating a home in guangzhou, buy outdoor furniture is often keep the shape and the grain of wood, material to plastic wood.

She used to live in downtown guangzhou unit on the first floor of a double entry, there is a garden of 114 square meters, then the country garden holiday peninsula in qingyuan bought a villa, just move the outdoor furniture on this side of the guangzhou qingyuan in the past. S qingyuan villas north-south each have a platform, on the south side of the wooden platform, she put on a table, two chairs and two deck chair, deck chair is collapsible, easy to receive. North of the small garden is putting a small table and two chairs.

With years of outdoor furniture, s think durable and lightweight these two points are very important, especially the light, because outdoor furniture need to often move. The north garden is covered with plastic wood floor, heavier, she said, if can be lighter, can let the user more save effort. She in the United States often see some outdoor furniture table looks a bit heavy, but the chair or facilitate mobile.

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