2017 Domestic And Foreign Furniture Exhibition Time List

- May 02, 2017-

January 10-15 Istanbul international furniture fair in Istanbul

January 16-22 German cologne international furniture fair

January 24-28, the winter furniture show in Las Vegas, USA

February 15-18 spring fair in guadalajara, Mexico

March 8-11 Kuala Lumpur international furniture fair in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

International furniture and furniture accessories exhibition in ho chi minh city, Vietnam, March 8-11

March 9-11 international furniture fair in Manila, Philippines

International furniture and furniture fair in Jakarta, Indonesia, March 11-14

March 16-20, dongguan international famous furniture exhibition (address: 261, guangdong modern international convention and exhibition center)

March 18-21 guangzhou international furniture exhibition (address: guangzhou Canton fair China pavilion)

March 19-22 shenzhen international furniture exhibition (address: shenzhen exhibition center in shenzhen, shenzhen, China)

Russian Moscow international furniture fair March 28-31

April 8-10 northeast (changchun) international furniture exhibition (address: changchun international exhibition center)

April 10-20 fragrance river international furniture exhibition (address: hebei xianghe furniture city)

Zhengzhou international furniture fair April 14-16 (zhengzhou international convention and exhibition center)

April 20-23 Hong Kong international household goods exhibition

April 20-22 jinan international custom exhibition (address: jinan international exhibition center (no.28 industrial south road)

April 22-27 U.S. high point international furniture show

May 17-19 British international furniture home life and design exhibition

May 18-21 wuhan international furniture exhibition (address: wuhan international expo center)

May 22-25 dubai international furniture and interior decoration exhibition

May 25-28 Qingdao international furniture fair (address: Qingdao international exhibition center)

May 28-30 nankang furniture fair in jiangxi province (undecided) (address: nankang motor city)

June 7-10, chengdu international furniture industry exhibition (address: west international conference exhibition center)

June 14-17 Beijing international furniture fair (address: Beijing (shunyi) China international exhibition center

June 15-18 suzhou furniture fair (address: suzhou international expo center)

June 23-26 dalian international furniture exhibition (address: dalian world expo plaza)

July 5-7 (Shanghai) international exposition (Shanghai) international expo (Shanghai pudong new international expo center)

July 16-19 Melbourne furniture show in Australia

7/30-8/3 the Las Vegas furniture show

August 5-7 shenyang home fair (address: shenyang international exhibition center)

August 6-9 Brazil international furniture exhibition

August 17-20 in guadalajara international furniture exhibition MUEBLE

August 9-13 Johannesburg furniture fair in South Africa

August 11-14 dongguan international furniture fair (261, guangdong modern international convention and exhibition center)

August 12-15 international dragon furniture exhibition (address: longjiang town forward huihui expo center)

September 11-14 China Shanghai international furniture fair (hongqiao) (address: Shanghai hongqiao national convention and exhibition center)

September 12-15, China international furniture exhibition (pudong) (location: Shanghai pudong new international expo center)

September 16-18 China (Shanghai) international garden, outdoor furniture and leisure goods exhibition (Shanghai everbright convention and exhibition center)

September 19-22 Spain's valencia international furniture fair

October 21-24, xi 'an furniture fair (address: qujiang international exhibition center)

Tokyo international furniture fair November 7-9

November 6-10 in Paris, France

November 10-13 the international building materials exhibition in mumbai, India

December 15-18 international building materials exhibition in new Delhi, India

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