2018 Three Home Decoration Trends

- Feb 03, 2018-

2018 is here and "Pinterest 100" predicts several major home décor trends in 2018, including holiday baths, patterned plants and oversized artwork.

Resort-style bathroom

Increasingly, people are looking to resort-style holidays to the bathroom with holiday-style decorations.

In 2018, rattan furniture, white tiles, houseplants and decorative pebbles will be the choice for many bathrooms.


According to the Pinterest 100 report, searches by platform users about "spa bathrooms" have increased 269%.

Ceiling design

According to Pinterest, the introduction of the "Fifth Wall" will be another major interior design trend in 2018. Platform users increased their searches for "statement ceilings" by more than 300%.


Bold paint, eye-catching wallpaper and sophisticated texture will be 2018's top decorative elements.

Patterned plant

Plants can add some irritation to the home, and they themselves are increasingly seen as a design element. The Pinterest platform saw 533% more searches for "patterned plants."


Striking Brazilian Striped Taro as well as other vibrant and individualized plants will be gaining in popularity.

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Oversized artwork

The bigger the better, at least in the art world.

The introduction of large-scale works of art, will be 2018 the largest interior design trends.


Pinterest's search volume for "big wall art" has grown by more than 600%, surpassing any other Pinterest 100 design trends.

Posters, paintings and photographs will become common wall decorations in the modern home of 2018.

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