360-degree Rotating Balance Chair Sit More Healthy

- Apr 11, 2018-

Office workers sit at their desks every day. The more they sit in their lower abdomen, the more their thighs and buttocks slowly fill up every gap in the pants. The stool designed by designer Weronika Żytko, the seat cushion in an inverted metal round bowl, there is a round bearing next to the round bowl, sitting above, not only can use the strength of the waist and buttocks, at any time to adjust the angle of the seat cushion , but also 360-degree rotation, like disguised twist waist abdomen exercises, invisible room also let sit on a chair, and become deep-seated with the best sport.

In addition, because the body is in motion at any time, it can also help the lumbar spine maintain its natural curve. Compared with other chairs, it is really healthy!


Roller, sports.jpg

Detailed structure.jpg

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