A Sensor Is Put Power Socket, Can Achieve A Full Range Of Intelligent Household?

- May 23, 2017-

  At the moment there is a kind of new technology, even if the home is all "unplugged" old furniture, also can realize intelligent household, and convenient and quick.

CMU team idea integrated sensor, capture all kinds of information generated in the surrounding environment data, real-time monitoring of specific situation happened in the home.

WIRED recently published titled "A Sensor That Could Soon Make Homes Scary - Smart", introduces the latest technology.

If you want to connect all the devices in the home all together, at present there are only two choices: one is to buy a batch of smart gadgets, and connected to each other, this method is too costly;

2 it is to all equipment installed on the sensor, roughly set up an information network, this method is more troublesome.

But soon after, there may be a third option: you just insert a small object into the power socket, you can connect all the devices in the room.

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