A View On The Design And Innovation Of Traditional Furniture

- Nov 01, 2017-

Although the furniture of Ming and qing dynasties has achieved the world's remarkable artistic achievements, its shape and specification are not necessarily fully adapted to the living space of today's living rooms. The genesis of artistic style from its deep understanding of traditional furniture culture, unique "WuBingLiang furniture style" is to "type" to "art" "material" "rhyme" as the criterion of evaluation and traditional furniture design and production guidance theory, improvement and innovation design of a batch of MingQingShi art furniture. In order to adapt to the trend of the blending of traditional and modern life, we adjust the changes in terms of style, size and functionality. Take the material handling technique as an example, wu's flourishing huanghua pear antique furniture, after weathering, polishing, wax processing, the yellow flower pear silk of the texture of the extreme presentation. In the meantime, the special charm should be attributed to its special weathering. For every piece of furniture, I put them outside, let them be exposed to the wind and the sun, and even water them over and over again, for a short period of ten and a half months, for years. In the eyes of others, these measures seem to be "harsh", but I have to make the furniture of wood material sufficiently stable, a faded the internal heat of new furniture, make it appear like the natural style of old furniture style, has formed the unique flavor of implicative inside collect, win the favor of the numerous experts and collectors and sure.  

No matter what the material of traditional furniture, want to go the way of high-quality goods series, more good-looking, good, good work, by thinking design to show the rhythm of traditional furniture in the level of aesthetic feeling. A lot of mahogany furniture enterprises did not find the right direction, the furniture made unclear, unambiguous, even some unkind. So, it's very important to localize the development of furniture, like a boat, in the middle of the ocean, going in that direction? East, south, direction, west, north, must have a compass, which means we inherit what, what to develop, must have a clear development idea and direction! 

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