Academician Masters Gathered In Guangzhou In November To Design The City Development

- Oct 14, 2017-

The first international BBS design for guangzhou in 2017 will be held in November

In the 21st century, the cultural and creative industry has become a major contributor to the world economy and a major driver of the reconstruction of the global urban system. In order to design creative culture as the breakthrough point, to hold international exhibitions, BBS and other cultural activities is an important medium of promoting urban to global city and the main driving force, is also an important way to reveal city international leading position. Facing the development vision of the world's top cities, guangzhou needs to build a platform to participate in international cultural display, exchange and competition through the "high end cultural events" with the radiation effect.

In this context, the first international BBS in guangzhou, hosted by the guangzhou municipal government, will open in November. BBS with "design leading the city" as the theme, around guangzhou city planning, architecture design, sustainable design, municipal traffic, city public art, history, and other fields, invited academician, top architects, city planning experts and scholars at home and abroad, industry leaders, such as focusing on guangzhou, to meet the opportunities and challenges in the process of urbanization to think and respond. November 9-11, 2017, guangzhou invites the world to go to design and art.

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