Actively Embrace The Internet To Help Customize The Cabinet Business To Seize The Young Market

- Aug 01, 2017-

      The customization of cabinets is a major trend in the cabinet industry, which is closely related to the younger consumer market and the escalating consumer demand. Data show that the current youth for the cabinet and other household consumption of the mainstream consumer groups, 25 - 35 - year - old consumers accounted for a total of 66%. As the younger generation of consumer groups diversified style, the demand for personalized features become increasingly evident, not only focus on the function of the cabinet products, but also pay attention to decorative appearance, highlight the needs of individuality. The finished product cabinets due to the relatively standardized design and popularization, it is difficult to meet the individual needs of consumers, therefore, custom home consumer groups become the biggest beneficiaries of the younger.

       However, such young consumers have long been accustomed to the life of the Internet environment, therefore, cabinet enterprises, especially custom cabinets business, in order to win the favor of young consumers, and actively embrace the Internet, the use of O2O model, may be a good Method.

        In fact, cabinets and other home industry and the development of the Internet, are not around O2O. Speaking of O2O electricity business platform, most of the industry insiders are no stranger, even in the industry there are many companies have mature operation, such as goods and other goods. In fact, with the rise of custom cabinets, the traditional size of the production of the cabinet model has been broken, and many cabinets have long smelled the business opportunities, combined with the Internet generated O2O mode, is through the online experience, which will drain customers To the line, the real line of online and offline integration of the sales model. But now the O2O model still has a lot of need to improve the place, such as line service guarantee, online experience to strengthen the technology.

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