Alliance For A Green Furniture Industry: Improve The Quality Of Furniture Safety And Environmental Protection

- May 05, 2017-

The alliance for a green furniture industry situation symposium was held in guangzhou industry, mutual communication through alliance own construction, further advantage of industry alliance, promote the development of green furniture industry upgrade.

It is reported, this is 28 February gave nameboards alliance for a green furniture industry and collective appearance, after the first meeting of the coalition.The league has established the expert appraisal committee, the next will be in the process of market supervision committee, the quality assurance committee, through the alliance related standard formulation and implementation, and make it clear to the enterprise production, let customers understand consumption, achieve the purpose of promoting industrial upgrading, to guide consumption.

Released in October last year, the guangdong provincial government office of guangdong province to improve consumer goods supply special action plan (2016-2020), "pointed out that implementing the strategy of" the doctrine of "the main task: one is the function of intelligent household appliances, food, furniture, paper making, hardware advantages of traditional industries to establish community alliance, promote the competitiveness of the industry through technical innovation and standard fusion.The second is to encourage such as furniture, paint, forestry industry association to form a green alliance, improve the quality of furniture products safety and environmental protection.

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