Amazon Vigorously Into Furniture Appliances Online Business

- May 17, 2017-

According to the American finance website, MarketWatch reported a source familiar with the situation revealed that us online retail giant amazon are taking important measures, ready to march to furniture and electrical appliances industry, the plan includes construction of at least four large warehouse, focus is committed to deliver large items.


The move means, the seattle-based retailer will work with the current in the field of Internet furniture retail dominated by two companies -- Wayfair Inc., and Williams Sonoma Inc. - to compete.

According to barclays, furniture is the one of the fastest growing sectors on the online retail market, second only to groceries.

Market research firm IBISWorld is pointed out that the total value of the furniture market is about $70 billion, about 15% of them have turned to the online market.


But even the largest online retail furniture industry practitioners are also facing difficult to grasp the market situation.

With books and music and even clothing has been compared to more mature industry groups, such as retailers are still trying to design some basic concepts, such as should provide many kinds of products on its web site, and the sofa and tableware products to customers the most effective way of delivery, etc.


Although amazon to sell furniture for many years history, but recently the company decided to more powerful to move into the industry.


The furniture is one of the fastest growing retail sector in the amazon business."

Amazon's furniture general manager Veenu Taneja said in a statement.

He pointed out that the company is expanding its product mix, to provide customers including Ashley Furniture sofa and Jonathan Adler, home decorations and other products, and will begin to provide custom Furniture design services.

At the same time, amazon is also in some cities to speed up the delivery, offer two days or on the same day delivery service.

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