Beach Chair Combination Backpack Design

- Oct 20, 2018-

 Matt Benedetto’s latest design is a beach chair + backpack hybrid, allowing you to carry it around on shoulder straps and assemble it on site with a literal flick of your wrist. Much more than a chair, the Voyage is a backpack of sorts too, letting you carry all your beach paraphernalia to and from the beach in a series of compartments sensibly designed to be accessible without being a hindrance. Built with an aluminum tube construction, the beach chair folds open and closed pretty easily, and can recline at five different angles. Wooden armrests give your hands a flat, comfortable surface to rest on (without heating up like the metal).

Built with a tropical fabric that’s eye-catching yet breathable, the Voyage Chair genuinely looks like a good backpack and chair, allowing you to spot it from the distance among all the other flat-colored beach chairs. The chair comes with a breathable mesh base that lets you dry off fast after a dip in the water, and even allows sand to pass through, so you don’t take the beach back with you on your way home! With no shortage of compartments, the Voyage Chair has two insulated pockets on the back that are large enough to fit 6 cans of chilled beverages, along with a third pocket for food, sunscreen, or anything else you may need to carry. It also has easy-access pockets near the armrests, letting you store one drink in an insulated pocket, as well as a phone and power bank or wireless speaker in the other pockets on the opposite armrest. The Voyage also comes with an adjustable head-pillow that provides comfort as well as covert storage, allowing you to stash valuables in its back panel that remains hidden from the eye.




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