Beautiful Design Will Help Chinese Furniture For The International Market

- May 19, 2017-

In recent years, the world economy continues to show weakness, we also move down growth in the central and peripheral environment factors on the restriction of our country's economic growth is more and more strong, consumption and exports have been difficult to maintain a normal growth level, excess capacity and the contradiction between resource mismatch is still serious.


Therefore, the adjustment of industrial structure, driving force of innovation and the coordinated development, green supply side reforms to promote the economy to take off the virtual to real, will be a period of the development of the theme in the future.

China's furniture industry after more than 30 years of rapid growth began to enter the steady stage of development, by once grew more than 30% to about 10% now, perhaps this is the Chinese furniture industry in the future a long period of time the development of the new normal.


"Technology" refers to the product processing process, due to the adoption of new techniques, new technologies and products in "function, material, structure, form (appearance, detail)" and so on can show a person produces the aesthetic form of pleasure, it can greatly improve the added value of products.

We can see from the market, the world famous furniture brand products is due to pay attention to the systemic design of technological beauty and doubled its price, rather than luxurious materials.


In the late 1990 s, domestic experts see domestic furniture enterprises in milan cologne fair exhibition, exhibition of product price is low, issued a "this is not a selling furniture, it is in sell wood" plaint, is refers to the content of the domestic furniture brand lack of technical design.

Emphasize that "technology" is the style of "high technology", but not synonymous.


At present, the domestic quite a lot of furniture enterprises for the attention of the "technical design" strength is not enough.

Furniture technology can improve the added value of our products, it's not need to increase a lot of artificial and the consumption of raw materials can get higher returns.

In Macao, represented by well-known furniture companies such as pearl is very pay attention to "technical design", the furniture enterprises in our country has been thinking about how to improve product added value, but they do not pay attention to use "technology design" to improve the added value of products.

Every year a large number of enterprises and designers to the European exhibition for the study, but they will focus more on the model of product design, and the kinds of technology of product design, the research also is not enough, visible systematically the concept of "technology design" is not in the Chinese furniture enterprise top management widely and seriously enough.


With national cultural quality and the improvement of living standards, more and more is also high to the requirement of living environment quality improvement, enterprises apply the concept of technological beauty to the design of the product research and development, more and more consumers will be willing to pay for this kind of beauty technology design content of high quality furniture.

In the increasingly fierce competition of furniture market, as enterprises in the "technical design" have enough input on this side, I believe that the market would bring huge economic benefits to the enterprise, Chinese furniture enterprises to become the international first-class household brand.

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