Bottlenecks In The Export Of Furniture How To Gain A Foothold In The International Market

- Feb 06, 2018-

As the major manufacturer and exporter of furniture, China's furniture exports maintained a continuous growth of 6 years. However, this situation changed to 17 years. According to the data, the export of furniture in China in 17 years decreased by 9.38% At the same time, the domestic furniture industry is facing the bottleneck of export of furniture due to the rising cost of raw materials and logistic costs under the influence of environmental protection policies. As a result, the selling prices of products also follow up. In addition, Southeast Asian countries have seized part of the market, which is originally attributable to China.

Furniture industry must adjust its business strategy for product innovation and upgrading in order to gain a firm foothold in the international market. Industry sources said that if you want to withstand the pressure of Chinese furniture exports counter-attack, you need to synchronize power and innovation. From the original sale of products alone, adjusted for the sale of products plus soft installed and the overall furnishings; increase interaction with foreign customers, from the original self-centered "going out" to adjust to the customer's demand-led production.

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