British AR Visualization Furniture Company Won Six Digits

- Apr 08, 2017-

The company is located in Manchester, England is an augmented reality software provider, its products can allow the user to visualize in the home furniture products. DigitalBridge now get more than 700000 pounds of investment from private investors. Among them, 350000 pounds from investment company L Marks, founder of the Stuart Marks. The department store John Lewis to DigitalBridge investment for 100000 pounds.

DigitalBridg executive director David Levine said, six-figure investment will be used to enhance the company's development team, and improve the user experience platform. More retailers are starting to see, "he said in a mixed reality platform of commercial interests, especially the online retailers. The latest round of investment proves this point. Consumers over the years has been calling for for interior design to provide a cancel button, now with the new technology, the retailer can now provide them with such a choice."

L Marks Stuart Marks, said: "DigitalBridge is a truly innovative company, they provide consumers with the 'undo button. To provide them with the L Marks of professional knowledge and support make us feel proud. David has brought a great team, this is the key driver of rapid growth of business in the past 12 months.

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