Bundles Of Fish Are Mixed

- Jan 12, 2018-

The practice is common in building materials furniture market in recent years commonly used "alliance marketing", namely the spontaneous combination of brand stores in different category, including the number of union merchants consumers to buy, the more the more preferential, preferential forms include extracting duplicate award, according to the number of duplicate to get the corresponding prize, etc.

A well-known furniture store in Beijing in August 2017, a coalition of the activities, for example, in the event that brings together the milan spring radiator, iresearch d lang doors and Windows, Germany 'wallpaper, the United States, water purification, jin sha li shower room, home cloth, Lyle poetry Dan hardware, TaiChang sunshine lighting lighting, Noah custom home, heng jie wei yu, tang hanring tatami, huaxia jie mute condole top, and water heater, light furniture, new source ceramics, chuangyi ambry, vibration in security automatic security door, according to the thought mensah, panasonic fresh air system, such as 20 brands, most brands are well-known brands, but also with some relatively weak brands in the brand reputation, if consumers only covet "one-stop" shopping cheap and fast, and so are more likely to be "one-stop" shopping in the big brands, ultimately a lift to buy is the poor quality of the product.

The personage inside course of study thinks, this kind of "one-stop" sales, appears to be consumers and businesses can achieve a win-win situation, but that is not the case, "one-stop" sales for business brand it is difficult to ensure that all of them are premium brands, and relatively low awareness of the brand more willing to get the big brands, "one-stop" sales, would like to offer prizes, which further increases the volume. As a result, consumers who get affordable and efficient services are likely to pay a price in after-sales services.

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