Buy Green Furniture The Whole Family Is Poisoned, Receive More Than 300,000

- Jun 26, 2017-

Buy "environmental protection" solid wood furniture poisoning, a family of three to be awarded more than 30 thousand 

On June 1, the Qingdao two-level court released the results of the trial. 

The plaintiff, shao mou, Yang and a relationship, shao is the son of two people. In 2004, the plaintiff purchased a number of "environmentally friendly" solid wood furniture made by the defendant's furniture company. 

In the process, the three plaintiffs were physically ill at different levels. Diagnosis by hospital: shao a pair of chronic formaldehyde poisoning, chronic superficial gastritis, esophagitis, rectal polyps, etc. Yang xiang for chronic formaldehyde poisoning, gastrointestinal dysfunction, duodenal ulcer, uterine adenomyoma, stomach polyp, etc. Shao is a gastroenteritis, pharyngitis, binocular conjunctivitis and other diseases. 

The indoor environment monitoring center of Qingdao interior decoration association has been entrusted to detect the indoor air of the accuser, and found that the indoor formaldehyde concentration exceeds the standard, and the pollution source is the solid wood furniture produced by the defendant. The plaintiff sued to ask the defendant to compensate him for his economic loss. The court heard that the case of environmental pollution liability dispute should be applied to the principle of no-fault liability and the burden of proof. The furniture produced by the defendant resulted in the poisoning of the three plaintiff formaldehyde, which shall bear the corresponding civil liability. Therefore, the defendant's compensation for the three plaintiff's compensation was 30,7834.56 yuan. 

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