Canton Fair Trade Market Share Growth Under The Area

- Apr 25, 2017-

As a barometer of foreign trade and vane, outside hoped to see signs of foreign trade on the Canton fair.


But there are also many companies say, did not feel signs of foreign trade, large orders increased year by year, but the decline in profits, some small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) in the case of "malaise", still face the risk of elimination.


According to the study of the expert inside course of study thinks, the international demand is warmer, for this year's foreign trade is cautiously optimistic about the situation.But the uncertainty still exists, there is no fundamental change both consumption and investment, the positive situation it is difficult for long.


Export orders growth


From April 13, according to data released by the customs general administration, in the first quarter of 2017, China's trade in goods import and export amounted to 6.2 trillion yuan, up 21.8% from a year earlier.

Import and export of three consecutive quarter year-on-year growth.


The ministry of commerce international trade and economic cooperation research institute bai, deputy director of the international market research thinks, stabilized to the good situation of foreign trade, or will be reflected in this session of the Canton fair.


"Since the second half of last year, for better, orders increased, plank and ceramic tile is good this year."

On April 17, the Mona Lisa group co., LTD., vice chairman of the board of directors HuoRongQuan he said to the second half of the export situation is optimistic."You look at the site, the number of all, this year we have more than ten salesman is much larger than the number of buyers in the same period last year."


Reporter in the fair random visit enterprise, many firms think some recovery since the second half of last year the international market, orders a considerable growth.


Orders growth fast, on the one hand, because the product upgrades, there are some green on the other hand is because the international market.


Said jianping, director of the center for economic research institute of commerce area, foreign trade data in the first quarter, because of the international market has warmed up, a series of reform and opening up China's own efforts, the international bulk commodity market changes, improvements in domestic and international macroeconomic situation, the international demand.


The ministry of commerce deng zhan, head of the analysis of reasons in the first quarter of China's import and export growth faster, says it is a slow recovery in the international market.

The international monetary fund (IMF) is expected, in January 2017, the world economy grew by 3.4%, 0.3% higher than last year.

The United States and other major economies import demand picks up, according to WTO statistics, this year 1 ~ 2 months the United States, Japan, Korea, Canada and other import growth of 6.2%, 7.6%, 21.7% and 6.2% respectively.

Second, the commodity import price growth.

In the first quarter, China's crude oil, iron ore, natural gas, coal, rubber, log and other 10 kinds of commodities (accounted for 25.4% of China's total imports) import prices rose 2.5% ~ 2.5%, pull the import growth rate of 10.9%.

Three is a low base last year.

In the first quarter of 2016 import and export of 2016 yuan, to its lowest level since 2011 in the same period.

In addition to the above reasons, there is also a very important factor, is the support of the state council foreign trade development in recent years a series of policy effect is gradually revealed, business environment continue to improve, the enterprise innovation ability enhancement, power conversion speed up.


The participation of countries along the "area"


Be worth what carry is, on the 121th Canton fair from "area" all the way along the country improve the participation of foreign trade enterprises generally bullish "neighbourhood" all the way along the market.


Xu Bing vice director of the guangzhou trade fair, a spokesman for China's foreign trade center, said: "countries along the exhibitors booth 616, 364, the international pavilion exhibitors ratio of about 58.7%, the total number of booths proportion about 61.72%, from increased slightly. Including Egypt, Turkey, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries pavilion."


"China building materials price is very high. Like India around the ' 'all the way along the national building materials level is lower, because they's stage of development, is a big demand for building materials products, we export to make up for their lack of here."

Guangzhou metals and minerals import and export co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors, general manager of travel said.


, according to data from the ministry of commerce in China in the first quarter of 2017 to Russia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries along the "area" rapid growth of imports and exports, growth of 37.0%, 37.0%, 32.8% and 37.0% respectively.


One Belt And One Road 'along the country's share of the market of China's foreign trade is gradually rising trend, especially in the past some countries trade with China base is small, now through communication policy, infrastructure improvement, new trade opportunities, the future trade potential is very great.


HuoRongQuan told our reporter, in the second half will go to central Asia, to "neighbourhood" all the way along the development of the market.

He said: "to the participation of countries along the subsidies, some subsidy is higher than other parts of the country. But some countries without shipping, transport costs is high, need further research."


No matter how the situation of foreign trade, to seek sales breakthrough is the common task of foreign trade enterprises, quite a number of companies that follow the policy, "area" all the way along the market to boost sales, seize market share.

Some countries along the has been selling products enterprise, said this year requirements in the "area" all the way along the country's sales growth of 25% ~ 50%.


Institute of China to the WTO, foreign economic and trade university, dean of TuXinQuan tells a reporter, "One Belt And One Road" along the relatively small size of the country's economy, are all developing countries, the policy has certain leading role, will also look at advance situation of project, if the project, the contract, such as machinery and equipment export benefit.


Small and medium-sized enterprise transformation


"Malicious competition too much, with profits shrinking, not particularly good market price."

Anhui a medium-sized export enterprises mainly foundry director, said in an interview enterprise transformation development difficult.



The China international economic and exchange center chief researcher Zhang Yansheng said that foreign trade enterprises now is very difficult.

Over the past 35 years, relying on low cost, low price and low participation in international division of labor trade way has come to an end, it is with international competitiveness, talent, marketing, brand, quality, efficiency, etc to participate in the international division of labor, face up to five short of enterprise transformation.

"Lack of technology, lack of brand, lack of talents, lack of funds, lack of experience and the ability to transform. The next 30 years is to solve the problem of five short."


Despite the vicious competition, malicious bargains, sameness materials, shorten the shelf life of the situation still exists, but more and more small businesses realize the choice of brand, quality is the enterprise long-term development.


A, head of the household appliance enterprises in zhejiang province told our reporter: "we help others to do OEM, original is too difficult, often dragged payment days, vicious circle, almost no profit. Then I thought must be transformed, improve the quality, don't do small business, even if the price a little higher, also to ensure the quality, slowly to the brand, to do big business. After the transformation, this year's situation is much better."


In the process of industry reshuffle, complex and changeable international situation, the enterprise bear the labor costs rise, the external pressure of market uncertainties still exist, there is still a part of the enterprise through the transition to find the blue ocean, but there are a large number of dependent on OEM, lack of innovation ability of small and medium-sized enterprise has yet to find a way out.

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