China's Furniture Production Capacity Has Accounted For More Than 25% Of The Global Market Share, Ranking First In The World

- Jun 30, 2018-

In the late 19th century, American Zalmon Gilbert Simmons invented the world's first spring mattress, revolutionizing the history of mattresses.

Listed companies xi rimmon domestic mattress (19.780, 0.42, 2.17%) reported in 2017: "the spring mattress in China started in the early 1980 s, this period our country introduced a large number of foreign range, specification of the spring soft mattress production, preliminary build a prototype soft mat industry development foundation and the market in China."

From "not bad" to "comfortable" domestic mattresses began mass production

According to public reports, the world's first spring mattress was invented by an American named Zalmon Gilbert Simmons.

Simmons built a factory in Shanghai's yangshupu road as early as the 1930s and advertised it in the then "declaration," according to the company's official website.

However, most of the spring beds that prevailed in China in the 1980s were domestic goods, and a large number of spring mattress enterprises sprang up in the early stage of reform and opening up, including sui bao, jia hui, anhui bao and ji.

After entering the 1990s, China's mattresses industry began to take the standardized development route gradually, and the domestically developed bedding machinery began to be put into use. At the same time, people's requirements for mattresses are also changing, from "not bad" to "comfortable" and "healthy".

When the domestic mattresses market was opened by the local enterprises, some foreign brands began to enter China, some just opened stores and some directly set up factories for production.

Mattess brand increases while, mattess category also emerges endlessly. Palm mattress, memory foam mattress, latex mattress, water mattress, mattress, magnetic therapy mattress up rapidly emerging mattress, grab a large market share, directly led to the global market shrink spring mattress.

The mattress industry is developing vigorously and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. According to the analysis of public data, the competitive environment at that time was roughly as follows:

Domestic enterprise number, most of the small scale, low quality of products and, marketing ability and product development ability is limited, the product homogeneity is more serious, most rely on price war to fight for market share; Foreign brands entering China generally have obvious advantages in design level, production technology and machine equipment.

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