China's Property Market Restrictions, The Furniture Industry Unaffected

- Apr 14, 2017-

Recently, guangzhou, Shanghai and shenzhen have issued new housing. It is understood that the New Deal in the four major first-tier cities not only for purchasing, full implementation has also begun to gradually extended to three or four line city area. As local real estate purchase limit credit policy, there are a number of household industry calls into question the property policies will affect household industry?

On the north, and broad, deep and other first-tier cities have issued New Deal

On March 17, Beijing introduced new policies, requirements "household name in this city has a set of housing, and housing but in this city have the record or housing accumulation fund loans of the commercial housing loans, the purchase of the ordinary from the housing deposit not less than 60%, the purchase of ordinary from the housing deposit not less than 80%". 17 evening, guangzhou is also a new regulation policy. The population of purchase threshold from successive pay social security or income tax for 3 to 5 years; Adult single or divorced, also can purchase a set of sword refers to "divorce" vulnerabilities that buy a house. "From Shanghai to shenzhen, from Beijing to guangzhou, room and recognize credit already known in the four major first-tier cities. Full implementation policy tools have convergence." Shenzhen real estate research center, a senior researcher at Li Yujia said.

Regulation of spreading to three or four line city area

With Beijing as the center, since march, zhuozhou hebei, baoding laishui county, zhangjiakou worship ceremony area, shijiazhuang and other four cities have issued restrictions. Ring the zhejiang jiashan county in Shanghai area for a new home, second-hand housing purchase, clearly within the scope of the county to the suspended in jiashan county and above the county residents of housing to have a family to sell new commodity housing. "Hebei zhuozhou, laishui county, and zhejiang jiashan county, regulation and control policy, the beijing-shanghai line the urban spillover effect is gradually enlarged." With strategy consulting research department director zhang hongwei, said the regulation have attracted from the first-tier cities, second-tier cities, extended to some three or four line city area.

Macroeconomic regulation and control effect strong cyclical To float subsequently lagging effect

For household building materials industry, the real estate industry affected by the national macroeconomic regulation and control, has the strong cyclical, but the influence of the real estate industry to household has a lag. Household industry with making a room time correlation is higher, and real estate enterprises make the speed of the room are relatively stable. Stock room decorate a refurbished proportion also continued to rise, especially in a line key cities, second-hand housing and stock room decorate a refurbished proportion has accounted for more than 30%, and the trend of rising year by year. Tighter property regulation, therefore, for the wardrobe, plank, floor, wood, furniture and other industries, the impact is not big.

Recently, all parts of the country have introduced more stringent restrictions than ever before. The author thinks that, in this situation, although housing regulation policy impact on household industry has lag, for the impact is not big, but is still severe market competition. Household building materials enterprise needs to remain vigilant themselves to improve the quality of service, and on the products to meet consumer demand, so can with changeless should change.


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