China's Welding Stud Technology Development Forecast

- Jul 30, 2018-

Trend one

At present, some advanced control strategies have been applied to the control system, fuzzy control technology and artificial intelligence technology of the inverter welding machine. The development of computers has also led to the advancement of inverter technology. Take advantage of the computer's fast computing power and large amount of memory. Implement control methods and display functions that some computers can implement. This will certainly promote the development of stud welding machines. Therefore, the development has an automatic function - only the welding method, the diameter of the stud, the welding material can provide the best welding process parameters. Through the actual welding, the stud welding record data is collected, and the input energy and related parameters can be automatically adjusted to stabilize the welding quality. Therefore, the adaptive inverter power stud welding machine will appear.

Trend two

Developed a cooperative stud welding machine with large diameter studs (M25 and above) to ensure the reproducibility of welding quality without the influence of diameter and welding position during welding to meet the growing needs of the construction industry.

Trend three

As the application of stud welding in the industrial sector continues to expand, the development of different types of screw-to-welding machines and machining centers will continue to grow.

Trend four

Short cycle drawn arc stud welding is a promising welding technique because there are two welding modes when welding:

The first external form molding has requirements, protected by ceramic rings

Second: In the gas protection mode, the gas includes: 18% CO2, 82% Ar, a mixture of the two gases, the welding effect is the same color, and the appearance is beautiful.

Short-period arc welding does not require porcelain ring protection or gas protection. However, this welding technology requires relatively high precision for welding qiang. At present, the domestic arc-type stud welding machine cannot introduce this technology, and this welding technology weld snail The diameter of the column is limited to less than 12mm. This makes it impossible to use automated stud welding efficient technology in some industries.

At present, the stud welding machine factory and research institutes abroad are conducting research on the power supply and process equipment of the short-stem stud welding of the M20 stud.

Inverter power supply with monitoring and adaptive system, electric drive stud drop welding qiang (welding head) to make the stud drop time, speed adjustable and argon protection welding method.

At this stage, the diameter of the welded stud has been expanded to 30 mm, and the commercialization of the welding set will bring considerable benefits to the relevant industrial sectors.

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