Chinese Furniture Companies Are Green And Furniture Companies Face Environmental Reform.

- Sep 18, 2017-

 With the impact of the trend of consumption upgrading, the environmental demand of consumers and the upgrade demand of enterprises have become the biggest driving factors for the use of environmentally-friendly coatings in furniture enterprises. More and more leading furniture enterprises have already implemented the coating technology upgrade, and the active use of environmental protection paints by leading enterprises will also drive the enthusiasm of small and medium-sized enterprises to transform environmental coatings. More than 70 percent of the companies surveyed have achieved more than 50 percent of the target for environmental coatings 

In China, more than 75% of the enterprises in the environmental protection coating have reached more than half of the companies surveyed. 

At the same time, in order to cater to consumers' demand for high quality, enterprises are aiming at the middle and high-end furniture market dominated by solid wood furniture. But because of reality 

The design of the furniture and the particularity of the selection are also higher in the coating process, so a new environmental coating with high performance quality is needed. 

The two-component water-based furniture paint that gives both environmental protection and performance has been widely used in domestic benchmarking furniture enterprises and the recognition of consumers. 

In actual sales, the consumers are willing to pay for with better appearance and properties of the product, furniture enterprises tend to popularize high performance and environmentally friendly coatings to consumers on the quality, performance and appearance of advantage. 

The main performances are as follows: 

1. Enterprises are faced with more challenges 

2. The company has made internal adjustments under the influence of consumption upgrading and environmental protection new rules 

3. Companies are positioning their products to the high-end market 

4. Consumers favor appearance and practicality, durability and cost performance. Pay more attention to safety, environmental protection. 

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