Chinese Furniture, Tenon Structure

- Aug 08, 2017-

The tenon structure is a combination of traditional and hardwood furniture in China, and the way of connecting different parts structure. Among them, the protruding part called tenon (or tenon), concave part called Mao (or mortise, tongue and groove), through the tenon phase, without a nail can be assembled furniture, and solid and tight, can use a few Century or even thousands of years, is the world's furniture manufacturing history of a major invention. In the traditional furniture production, tenon craft production of the highest representative is the whole tenon connection and can be disassembly of furniture at any time.

Traditional hardwood furniture in the production, will be with the tenon structure of the various components after the completion of the final assembly device in order to tighten the tenon and fill the mortise and tenon between the gap left to prevent the loose furniture, the general use of fish swim bladder glue To do bonding. Fish swim bladder is the use of fish swim out of refining, the composition of natural harmless, sticky and will not damage the wood of furniture, need to open the furniture with boiling water can be separated from the structure. And the whole demolition of the tenon of the furniture of the woodworking skill level requirements more stringent and superb, requiring the construction of the tenon chisel, precise and meticulous, not partial cents. The process of excellent disassembly of the furniture tenon combination can be achieved between the degree of non-uniform, the degree of strict fit, after the completion of the assembly as the general solid tight, and can be disassembled many times, so whether it is possible to make a full disassembly and tenon furniture and production level, Has always been one of the important criteria for judging carpentry in traditional Chinese furniture production.

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