Chinese Furniture To What They Have Learned In Milan?

- Apr 18, 2017-

Domestic furniture industry in a special historical stage - "the development of furniture products" period, every year new products emerge in endlessly. At present time is generally used in the domestic furniture enterprises to develop new products for half a year, to play a sample, immediately change on production, some even directly to work overtime out samples into the exhibition, various does not reach the designated position. Rheological phase, because can neither guarantee similar products will be the second exhibition, there is no guarantee that the product can obtain larger market share, most enterprises products rapidly change in the rheological phase out.

Watching the milan show, we may not be able to understand the developed economies represented by Italian enterprises to develop new products need to use three years time, they developed new notice is "design" in the design, namely the early stage of the design research metadesign (known as prospective design). Is the first clear target consumers who is it? What are the requirements? What has been satisfied? What is blank? Your can surpass competitors? Rely on to win the market segment? And then the details, keep improving, and to minimize the potential risk, even so, also for Beta testing, to ensure that the market products are perfect and successful. In short, the time is spent in tandem, and we often do not have this kind of consciousness and patient, strive to "one pace reachs the designated position".

China will become the world's centers of another

S s must win in the cultural confidence

Milan return, the enlightenment shows 3, spur has in mind. China has been the United Nations recognized the nine design of 3 - shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, but the harsh reality is the design trend is still in the west of the world. Historian soup for more than once said that "all the questions, the answer to China's own", it shows the rise of China must rely on its own system, cultural self-confidence is necessary.

The development of Chinese furniture design, not simply in the commercial design level for the west to learn from, from the design theory system, education system, cultural system of all-round construction, promotion. More than 30 years of reform and opening-up, our generation is expected to reverse this trend, let China become the world's real design innovation and a higher ground.

As China's no.1 design innovation - shenzhen international furniture fair, the industry's largest industry association of China - shenzhen furniture industry association, China furniture industry the first research institutions - shenzhen furniture LTD., shenzhen power is willing to always stand in the forefront of reform and opening up, motherland in "design guide and lead tide, continuous innovation" as our mission, led the Chinese furniture industry reengineering a center in the world.

Milan returned from a long way to go, the rise of China, far, looking forward to more people to join hands in creating a with us!

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