Chinese Style Sitting Room Sofa Puts Common Sense

- Jun 17, 2017-

Is the most important thing in our household decorates sitting room space, because treat people, family are all in the sitting room, the sitting room items put a lot of people are often not very understand, listen to sofa factory in chengdu sen's small make up together today, the interpretation of items placed on the sitting room, can make a fortune is difficult. 

The sofa relies on the wall 


Sofa is a larger piece of furniture in the sitting room, its setting is very affect our life. Sofa must be placed against the wall, the moral of this "anchor" in feng shui, explain in life is to have help, if coupled with a picture of a beautiful landscape painting, so much the better, career wind water water, family happy and healthy! 


Avoid the hard work 


If entrance door and the balcony are right, in geomantic what call "the hall of the hall", can cause the wealth of the home to go directly, the typical leak money design. We can design a partition or a porch. 

The sitting room puts green plant 


The house that new clothes builds will basically put some green plants in addition to formaldehyde, green plant is in geomantic go up in a while might actually be a mascot, generally suitable for the sitting room put leaves thick green plant, can bring your family more comfortable life, such as lucky bamboo, rich tree. 


Avoid the top of the beam 


"Beam coping" is a taboo in decorating, especially in the sitting room, because the beam can suppress host fortunes, directly affect the physical and mental health of family, home landscape space. If the sitting room has the beam, must not put the sitting room sofa below the beam. We can cover the beams with a ceiling decoration when we are decorating. 

5, the sitting room puts fish bowl 


Fish tank on the feng shui is a very auspicious objects, a prosperous wealth, block is the use of, put in the sitting room is the most suitable, it is important to note do not put in as below, also do not put the back of the sitting room sofa and any other places. It is important to note that the fish tank should be chosen based on the size of the living room. 


That is to introduce the knowledge of the sitting room items placed, hope home have you must be aware of this situation, to avoid, ensure your finances rolling! 

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