Classic Chair Series-Vienna Café Chair

- May 11, 2018-

In Vienna, there is a chair named after a cafe, which is known as the "Vienna Café Chair". This circular back chair does not have armrests, and it has a long shape. A whole log is bent into an arc and is connected from the back of the chair to the legs on the back.

“No product can be more beautiful than its shape, better than its concept, more precise and easier than its production, and it is highly functional” —Edmund Le Corbusier's evaluation of the Viennese coffee chair .

So far, the Viennese coffee chair has been derived from a variety of different materials and variants. The beautiful styling and overall feeling still occupy the corner of many people's homes, becoming the first choice for desk chairs or dining chairs.

Brand:Gebrüder Thonet/ Thonet brothers

Vienna Café Chair.jpg

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