Classification Of Outdoor Furniture Fabrics

- May 09, 2018-

In addition to the majority of outdoor fabric materials for the chemical fiber, different coloring process with different fiber materials in the price there will be a big difference, and the useful life there are relatively large differences. Most of the outdoor fabrics must be treated with water repellent and water-repellent treatment is necessary to ensure that the products can be used in accordance with the conditions of use. The current mainstream outdoor cloths are mainly divided into the following three price categories.

1. Low price Poly-cotton or Polyester
Ø piece dyed cotton cloth Piece-dyed poly-cotton
Ø piece dyed polyester Oxford Piecee-dyed Oxford Polyester
Ø Piece-dyed Spun Polyester

2. Mid-priced Pigment-printed or Wovens
Ø Pigment-printed Spun Polyester
Ø Yarn dyed Yarn-dyed Polyester or Acrylic
Ø Solvent-dyed Polyester or Polypropylene (Olefin)

3. High-priced solution-dyed Synthetic Fabrics
Ø Dissolve dyed all-weather staple polyester fabric Solution-dyed Ring-Spun Polyester
Ø Dissolve dyed all-weather acrylic fabric Solution-dyed Ring-Spun Acrylic

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