Consumers Need To Be Cautious

- Mar 31, 2018-

The China Private Technology Industry Association’s Home Consumption Professional Committee recently released the “Research Report on the Protection of China's Household Consumer Rights and Interests (2017-2018)”. The report stated that in the type of household consumption complaints in 2017, contracts, quality, after-sales services and false publicity were the complaints. The worst-hit areas accounted for 86.24% of all complaints.

According to the report, compared with 2014, in addition to the significant improvement in the quality of major types of complaints, the problems of after-sales service and false publicity have increased significantly. Among them, the increase in false publicity complaints reached 86.95%.

“Some home furnishing building markets or decoration companies have often boasted of product features and exaggerated service promises in order to attract business. In the advertising promotion and sales introduction stage, consumers often exaggerated their service promises. Consumers found that they were misnamed after purchasing or signing contracts,” the report said.

In the traditional shopping mall home shopping complaints, false propaganda is more common. According to the report, in order to improve sales performance, the salesperson introduces products to the customers and falsely introduces them to avoid the real information of the products. Some sales staff intentionally conceal the existence of the furniture when they know that the furniture is defective. In this case, the remnants, defective products, and defective furniture are sold to consumers.

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