Consumption Upgrade Forced To Upgrade The Industry To Solve The Three Major Pain Points After-sales Service Is In The Form

- Oct 13, 2017-

 At present, furniture products have not yet been included in the national compulsory "three packs" of the product catalog, the implementation of operators and consumers agreed by the "three packs" period, which also makes furniture consumption some blurred areas. For furniture, whether the package can be returned and other issues, many businesses did not explicitly inform, which also let the three packs of commitment to the form of commitment.

For the product of the problem without delay, maintenance is not timely, which is a lot of consumers Tucao. Many large pieces of furniture after a short period of time will find the use of cracking, paint off, smell, etc., consumers require business maintenance, operators not only do not timely repair, but to "improper use" and other excuses refused to change, for Repair service.

Encountered in the mall operators to change, remove the cabinet, shut down, etc., consumers are difficult to enjoy after-sales service, which is a serious after-sales service out of touch. Consumers value large furniture shopping malls of high credibility and good service attitude, choose to buy furniture in such shopping malls. But the consumer asked the mall to undertake maintenance responsibility, the shopping malls are prevarication, refused to provide maintenance services, leading to consumers, damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Custom furniture overall trap more

First, product quality problems. After the installation of the product is completed, consumers often because of the furniture material, custom size, product color (color) and other issues of dissatisfaction and complaints, many of them for some profit for the profit and unauthorized replacement of cheap materials to deceive consumers. Second, the use of poor communication problems. Most consumers do not understand the design process of custom furniture, designers in order to reach the order as soon as possible to blindly meet the consumer, as long as the consumer to ask for large packages, easy to make commitments, the lack of reasonable communication and advice, So that the product is put into use after the problem was complained. Third, after-sales service is not in place. Custom furniture installation, once the quality problems, businesses are often customized only on the grounds of retreat. Such as after-sales service frequently lead to consumer dissatisfaction, the relevant complaints abound.

With the consumer self-protection awareness of the continuous improvement of the requirements for furniture products is not simply to stay in the simple quality problems, but the furniture business from pre-sale to sale after a set of marketing chain have put forward a more stringent demands , Industry leaders should continue to improve their own level, and strive to create a set of integrated consumer furniture solutions.

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