Cross-border Furniture Design

- Apr 08, 2018-


Designer Janne Kyttanen combined two different materials to produce the result, transforming an organic volcanic obsidian into a liquid metal mesh. And such a process of production also allows Janne Kyttanen to feel that when exploring alternative materials combined with different materials, it is possible to turn the impossible into reality, "If we can use explosive welding materials, blend together. We use 3D. What will happen with technology to control this power? What kind of mixture can we create?" This led to a dynamic metsidian. The metsidian is like a harmonious combination of unconventional forms and everyday functions.

In addition to sculptures, Janne Kyttanen also produced furniture, such as this metal-structured coffee table, which is also a demonstration of dynamic metsidian. Its surface is also the status quo after liquid metal fusion. The advantages of furniture are also obvious and the structure is relatively stable.


In addition, there are many works that show the advantage of metsidian. "Macedonian" trays are signature designs by Janne Kyttanen and have been permanently collected in the Museum of Modern Art. It is shaped like a soap bubble and is exhibited at the Bronze Design Show in Miami.


The proof of 3D printing on the creative practice of Kyttanen is a copper-plated seat, which is also a complex diamond geometry.


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