Custom Furniture Production Process And Process

- Aug 24, 2017-

In the era of customization of furniture space, the newly renovated families will consider the purchase of custom furniture, because custom furniture, according to local conditions, can be "random", it is just right product quality, function, color matching, design, installation, not only for the entire home environment Icing on the cake, but also to create a harmonious artistic atmosphere, especially for small and medium size is particularly useful.

1, lofting

Whether you are custom is the wardrobe, TV cabinet or wine cabinet, etc., before the production of each furniture products have to go through the release before the teacher put a good sample, but the lofting is generally used only in the shape of the furniture structure.

2, election materials open material

In general, the furniture factory materials are carried out in accordance with the following criteria: First, the wood material texture beautiful, moderate weight, good toughness is better; followed by focusing on wood quality, remove dead, burst, black, mold and tree Core line and other defects, reflecting the good material level; after that is arranged to open materials, each product is in accordance with the size of the drawings to open a good material, and a good product to get the woodworking workshop began to produce.

3, carpentry

Woodworking is in fact a part of the product from a good piece of wool processing into the drawings required by the shape and size of a process.

4, paint

Paint this step for the effect of furniture to do the effect is essential, the surface of the smoothness, brightness determines the beauty of furniture. Good furniture brand, environmentally friendly products in the paint is more stringent requirements.

5, palpable cloth

Sofa chair or other products that require palpable cloth, after the paint will begin to play the cloth, the process is probably cut cloth / cut sponge - spray glue - palpable cloth, first of all to the fabric and sponge are cut, sponge Good after the furniture should be placed on the ratio of the above, there are curvature of the curvature of the grinding out, and then fixed on the furniture just fine, and then sprayed the glue after the palate cloth just fine, Cloth buckle and crystal buckle and so on.

6, installation and packaging

After all the products are completed, it is necessary to install some accessories, etc., and the finished product is also completed. Product packaging for the protection of the product is also essential, generally have to use a good piece of pearl bags of furniture and then re-use of paper for packaging, and then all the tape sealed, and then nail wood protection.

Detailed production process

As many people now choose custom-made plate furniture, so the following on the plate furniture, for example, to introduce its detailed production process.

Plate furniture production process from the preparation of raw materials, after woodworking, paint finishing to the final product packaging and many other links and steps. The complexity of the plate process with the product design, product structure, materials and production lines on the type of product variety and many other factors are closely related to the bottom of the drawer only need to open the material can be, and for the hollow hollow cabinet panel, A single panel processing will be more than 20 procedures to complete.

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