Custom Furniture VS Finished Furniture: A Large PK In Four Areas

- Mar 05, 2018-

Now, custom furniture is more and more families will choose the decoration, because the custom according to the size of the space according to the local design of furniture, furniture for many irregular size of the home has the advantage of unmatched furniture.

However, compared to custom closets, custom cabinets this function is clear, space-fixed furniture, many owners still undecided when considering the consideration: what is the choice of finished furniture, or custom furniture it Why trouble, than one Than to know!

Space PK

Irregular, large space, custom bookcases (bookcase Renovation renderings) have the advantage; and finished cabinet unit composed of bookcases, high flexibility.

As we all know, custom furniture is that according to different space, tailor-made furniture products. Design bookcase, the first thing to consider is the location of the bookcase. Many families will be home to a small room or corner of the space into a study (study decoration renderings) (study decoration renderings). According to the designer, many home units in Guangzhou are not square, not all walls are rectangular. Study room often encounter irregular walls, this time, the use of customized bookcase to better meet this space needs, especially some non-vertical surface corner position, custom bookcase to make better use of space.

For families with large collections or larger storage requirements, a full wall of study or living room may be used, and the entire bookcase is more customizable. Especially through the top or higher bookcase, custom cabinet at the same time custom slide rail ladder, you can easily get the height of the book. In addition, customization is also needed to better meet the need for bookcases embedded in bookcases or bookcases connected to bookcases.

If the space rules, the requirements of the collection of books is not very high, the size of the appropriate space, you can use the finished bookcase, eliminating the need for custom wardrobe time and trouble. The market there are some combination of bookcases, cabinet units of different sizes, cabinet doors, can be made in the form of unit combinations bookcases. This has both a certain degree of flexibility, the cabinet style and decorative effect is also stronger than the custom wardrobe.

Style PK

Custom bookcases to modern, Jane Europe, the main classical; To be more personalized, have to choose the finished bookcase.

Many custom furniture companies on the market, custom furniture style choices are also more and more. The more common cabinet style is modern, Jane Europe, classical three. Modern style to the simple cabinet, the wardrobe itself does not have too much carved and curves, the cabinet is also relatively simple finishes. Simple European or neoclassical style bookcase heritage legacy, with a certain carved, curved decoration, but the lines tend to the law, modern, white, pearl powder, wood color is very common. Classical style is mainly solid wood or wood veneer cabinets, there are hollow Chinese style pane, but also add architectural elements such as Western classical style. In addition, with the small fresh air blowing, French, Korean-style white cabinets on behalf of, with elegant pastoral atmosphere, but also gradually become the mainstream bookcase style type. Custom bookcases can also be through the overall shape, color changes, so that the bookcase into a variety of different styles of home space.

Finished bookcases in the style is more diverse, basically different styles of furniture stores can find the appropriate style of bookcase products, and product design is more diversified, more creative changes. Custom bookcases and custom closets close, the main distinction between functional space, decorative mainly reflected in the appearance, while finished bookcases are eclectic. For example, a reporter saw a bookcase in Jisheng Weibang, the cabinet itself is a cloud shape, and the "clouds" are hollow on the shelf. Another example is the Guangzhou Space Aesthetics Museum of a bookcase, the cabinet itself is irregular shape, each shelf bookcase different sizes, patchwork, which is difficult to see customized bookcase style. There is an irregular partition on each shelf of a bookcase in HI Living Hall, which is very different from the traditional bookcase. To create a more personalized study space, the appropriate finished bookcase has a greater advantage.

Load-bearing PK

Load-bearing and the form of the cabinet has nothing to do with the material and technology.

Whether it is custom bookcases or finished bookcases, over the years in full bloom books such heavy objects, the cabinet's load-bearing capacity and durability is also an object of study. However, the load-bearing capacity of the bookcase is not related to whether or not to customize, and more with the product material, technology and items in full bloom. For example, the capacity of the cabinet itself is not, you do not have to worry too much about the bookcase load-bearing issues.

Most bookcases are medium density, high density board or solid wood materials, especially custom bookcases, almost all of these materials. Solid wood and high-quality board generally do not need to worry about load-bearing problems, poor quality, insufficient thickness of the plate may be due to years of extrusion and deformation. Some bookcase laminate can be free to move, if the load-bearing design is not good, but also prone to cabinet problems.

Metal material load-bearing, better resistance to deformation, even thin metal frames and panels, can support more books. However, the mainstream of the custom brand rarely use metal as a bookcase material, but can go to some old building materials stores or hardware stores to seek custom. Some combinable finished cabinet can be combined into a metal bookcase, but its decorative generally not strong.

Price PK

Custom bookcases are calculated in square meters; finished bookcases prices vary.

Currently the mainstream method of custom furniture pricing is calculated in square meters, custom bookcases are no exception, according to the selected material is different, such as MDF, solid wood and other different materials, a square meter price up and down to a few thousand dollars have . The price of the door generally need additional calculations. The price of finished bookcase varies widely, with the specific size of the bookcase, material, design, brand and other related, cheap bookcases tens of dollars have hundreds of dollars, your price up to several thousand, tens of thousands. Therefore, in considering the choice of finished bookcase or custom bookcase, you can calculate the price of both, choose a more favorable program.

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