Dedon's Classic Works

- Nov 13, 2019-

1. YINYANG -- the Oriental charm of the recliner

The Yin and Yang chair that modelling alone path has aesthetic feeling extremely streamline design, gentleness is like sand dune, stylist draws inspiration from China "tai chi", focus on balance and confluence, the surface that bronze and bai jin fiber and convex concave have send expresses this kind of philosophy essence, the chair body of mutual chimeric can provide enough comfortable space for two people.Waterproof features can be placed in the garden or even swimming pool side, no matter where it is placed, give people the aesthetic enjoyment of art...

YINYANG -- the Oriental charm of the recliner

Chair of Yin and Yang

2. The LEAF -- the fantasy of a recliner

Here is the leaf lounge chair, it does not have a complex structure, let alone deformation, it is only a leaf shape, and from the surface looks like a piece of material made.The user can lay his head on the top of the leaf and put his feet on the bottom of the leaf. With the overall curved design, he can lie comfortably on the top and imagine that he is the leaf chasing the wind and waves at the moment. There will be a wonderful return to nature...

The LEAF -- the fantasy of a recliner

The leaves deck chair

3. ORBIT - laziness in the cochlear shelter

The stylist created a leisurely and comfortable dwelling with inspiration to the feeling of life and understanding.The eight azimuth wheel axles are set at the base of the two-person round sofa and can rotate freely. Moreover, the wheels that are convenient to move can rotate freely along with the movement of the sun.Have the cushion of moon form tea table, comfortable seat and cushion for leaning on, awning can close freely put, frame is tough touch is soft, also very convenient disassembly and clean, the design that does not take awning additionally can decorate indoor hall hall.The diameter of this sofa is 1.6m, which is suitable for a family to sit together happily;When a person also can lie inside close the eyes to meditate, let sunlight move her 3 inch golden lotus slowly on the face, rare languid is lazy...

ORBIT - laziness in the cochlear shelter

Orbit round two-person sofa

4.OBLESK -- sculpture or furniture

This design is very imaginative and has a meaning beyond the furniture itself. It is not too much to call it a sculpture for the garden.Kahuna is a village on the Atlantic coast of northern France. The village has more than 3,000 boulders that have stood unmoved for nearly 5,000 years.This furniture can be easily disassembled and assembled, 4 seats +1 round tea table, which was launched by Dedon in 2006. Only 10 limited editions in China, rmb59,000 (including cushion).

Visionary design

5.SUMMER CLOUD - plantain tree shade

Sorching SUMMER, this SUMMER to CLOUD named outdoor deck chair must be designer to arrange by your side close small white clouds, but its design is more like a big banana, jug, looks alone has the feeling of cool, the most special is the sun shade can adjust freely according to the sun position 360 degrees Angle, sleep for a whole day too much...

DAYDREAM -- a fairy tale in the daylight

SUMMER CLOUD - plantain tree shade

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