Develop Environmental Protection Furniture, Let Ningbo Wooden Furniture Out Of Trouble To Meet Rebirth

- Jul 18, 2017-

 In recent years, China's furniture industry has been plagued by overcapacity, rising raw materials and labor costs, and foreign technical barriers to trade. Data show that from 2014 to 2016, the value of Chinese wooden furniture exports fell for three consecutive years. Ningbo is a national important furniture export base, with nearly 300 wooden furniture export enterprises. In order to cope with the severe foreign trade situation, our city actively encourages furniture enterprises to develop environment-friendly furniture, develop the brand economy, and get out of the export dilemma as soon as possible. 

To raise the wood products import threshold of problem such as the European Union, the United States, the our city market of wood furniture export enterprise first learn these new regulatory standards, the pass of quality and safety of raw materials. At the same time, strengthen the inspection of finished products to ensure that the products can meet the relevant requirements of the importing countries. In the first half of this year, the export of wooden furniture in ningbo was up to 100%, which was not caused by the export of quality problems. 

When other wooden furniture enterprises are content to do the labelling processing for foreign furniture brands, ningbo furniture enterprises, represented by alte, began to accelerate the development of independent brands. As early as in 2007, ningbo art furniture co., LTD., has launched its own brand furniture products, and gradually in the us, Europe and other places set up more than 30 American life hall, used to promote sales of own brand furniture. , according to the company chairman Zhao Jianquan in recent 3 years, new art has developed more than 200 American furniture, the American market, dedicated to the deepening market maintained a 30% growth rate in the United States last year. At present, the whole city has emerged the dream ying, kai da, heng jia and other a batch of export wooden furniture enterprises with independent brand. 

Once with Beijing, guangdong antique furniture collection of the old furniture collection of the old furniture, through product adjustment back to the growth track. In the 1980s, cixi set up the first company to purchase, repair, and manufacture imitated old furniture. When the business is best, there are more than 70 containers of antique furniture from cixi. However, with the lack of old furniture resources and the change of foreign market demand, cixi antique furniture industry was forced to take the road of transformation. After years of groping, nowadays, cixi wooden furniture has been developed from before Ming and qing dynasties furniture to various life furniture, hotel furniture, office furniture, design style is also from a mere old wind wind, ancient European style, modern, pastoral, creative and various style change. In the first half of this year, cixi wooden furniture export recovered. 

According to statistics from the ningbo inspection and quarantine bureau, the value of the export of wooden furniture in ningbo was $410 million in 2016, a year-on-year increase of 5.13%, while wooden furniture exports in China fell 9.38%. Our city wooden furniture export covers solid wood furniture, board furniture, wooden floor, wooden handicraft and so on, sells to the United States, Australia, Japan, Germany and more than 130 countries. 

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