Environmental Protection Paper Furniture Leading Home New Wave

- May 09, 2017-

Furniture commonly used material is corrugated paper, paper and packaging carton difference on craft is in the field of logistics, the surface is kraft paper, just chose the best material, itself stronger bearing capacity, and through the structure design can achieve greater bearing.

Most of these furniture are imported paper, water proofing property is good, can waterproof and more than five minutes, so it is easy to clean, just need to scrub with wet cloth.

Compared with the traditional furniture, furniture of paper cost is not low, but relative to the brand, the design of the traditional furniture, the cost of some ordinary paper furniture or lower, price is much lower.

Perhaps there will be someone to the doubts about the bearing capacity of paper furniture, the present paper shelf composite bearing can reach 50 kilograms, the actual test, stood a man weighing more than 80 kilograms of above and no damage.

So the paper furniture when shelf no problem.

Paper furniture is folding, folding process can be achieved by adjusting the force direction bearing more effect.

Because paper from wood, paper furniture of environmental protection reflected from where?

First of all, the paper can be realized through the structure design and the traditional furniture bearing function, and the weight is only 20% to 30% of traditional furniture;

15 to 17 and paper can be recycled, can be recycled, which is to save natural resources.

In furniture industry, furniture is dependence on resources is one of the important industry, furniture industry in resource saving the economical development of the whole household industry economy has important significance.

In fact, the furniture industry in resource saving has made some breakthrough.

Recycling is a very creative in green household design concept, the attention to focus is on sustainable development.


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