Ergonomic Cushions Sit Back And No Longer Hurt

- Apr 09, 2018-

In an increasingly busy life, many people will adjust their state through inner exercise. Meditation is one of them. Meditating contemplating and focusing on breathing will last a long time to benefit both physical and psychological. To help meditators meditate in comfortable situations, designer Jordon Diatlo has designed an ergonomic meditation cushion UNDO that will allow your body to adjust to the correct posture and maintain a long sedentary position. Feeling unwell.

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The interior of UNDO is composed of layers of sponge rubber. The appearance of the UNDO is curved. When we sit down, the cushion will gently move the person upwards, aligning our hips naturally with the back, and let the body adjust to Will not afford the posture. In addition to meditation, you can also sit on UNDO to do other things. Sometimes the work gets tired of sitting in a normal chair, and sitting on the ground changes the environment.



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