Eu Issued Furniture Green Public Procurement Voluntary Standards

- Oct 11, 2017-

 Recently, the European commission announced the new voluntary standards for green procurement of furniture products. The commission has overhauled the European Union's green public procurement standards in 2008, with the aim of extending product life and reducing waste.

According to the new standard, furniture purchased by public institutions must be durable, suitable for use, easy to disassemble, repair, recyclable. The new standard of this work mainly includes three parts: new furniture purchase, existing old furniture renovation service, the scrap service of purchase furniture. The new standards are divided into technical standards and incentives, and the standard focuses on encouraging the use of furniture for longer life, in response to the eu's strengthening of the circular economy in terms of green procurement standards.

According to the existing evidence in the scientific literature, the influence of materials and components on the environment is about 80% to 90%. European public institutions are the main consumers of green sourcing. They want to use their purchasing power to choose green goods, services and projects to contribute to sustainable development.

Although green public procurement is a voluntary nature, purchasers may incorporate these criteria into tendering documents according to their will. But green public procurement helps the eu play a key role in resource-conserving and environment-friendly development. The eu green public procurement of furniture is a voluntary standard, designed to encourage public institutions in public bidding documents to join the environmental protection requirement, goal is to make furniture products environmental performance, price factors, the market supply situation and so on various elements of balance.

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