Experts Explain The Purchase Of Outdoor Furniture

- Feb 27, 2018-

 There are three main types of wooden furniture, one is solid wood furniture, one is the wood-based panel furniture, one is the solid wood and wood-based panel board furniture, the latter two commonly known as sheet metal furniture.

Solid wood furniture, high prices, but does not contain formaldehyde, more environmentally friendly. Plate furniture cheap, but contains formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

Formaldehyde content as long as the standard range is qualified products. Recommend the purchase of furniture, the seller to provide furniture inspection report of qualified.

2, the sofa must have inspection report

Leather sofa in the processing if you do not handle well, there will be the taste of leather, leather surface is also easy to crack, but also may contain formaldehyde. Cloth sofa fabric is also prone to excessive formaldehyde, the sofa in the selection should pay attention to see if there is a test report of conformity. If you worry about harmful substances, optional solid wood sofa.

3, furniture color may be quality problems

The same problem still occurs many times, indicating that the same batch of products using the same process and raw materials, there may be quality problems. I suggest you negotiate with the manufacturer to return, or get the product quality inspection department, so that the other party to bear the cost of testing.

Qualified white furniture discoloration is not obvious, at least to ensure that no change of color within a year. If the furniture bought soon after the color, and discoloration obvious, such furniture is likely to have quality problems.

4, furniture taste is not necessarily excessive formaldehyde

This should be detected before the answer is given. Some consumers buy furniture for a long time or have a taste, because formaldehyde is a slow release of such substances, if the formaldehyde content of furniture exceeded, it is easy to long-term odor. Of course, the taste of furniture is not necessarily the fault of furniture. Because such a situation may not be the taste of the furniture itself, such as housing area is small, placed too much furniture.

5, furniture is not equal to the specification failed

I suggest you first consult with the business to see if you can return.

Through testing to safeguard the higher costs, such as the detection of formaldehyde content of furniture is generally 500 yuan. We are likely to damage the furniture plate, the plate will be dissolved and then testing, this will also affect the use of furniture.

Recommended when consumers buy furniture, choose reputable businesses and well-known brands. At the same time, we must ask for furniture instructions. Without the instructions of the furniture, we first identified as unqualified products.

When consumers buy custom furniture, they must also sign a good contract.

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