Factory Inspection Is The Foundation Of Furniture Companies

- Jun 22, 2019-

 As a part of the quality management system, the factory inspection of furniture products will pass the inspection and the products will directly enter the market circulation field. Therefore, all furniture enterprises should pay sufficient attention. This issue is the same as the previous listening language hall, combined with the 2018 annual quality analysis report, which outlines the quality risk points of several categories of furniture, and further guides the furniture enterprises to carry out the factory inspection.

 For metal furniture, although the number of enterprises producing such furniture is relatively small, there are many types of products and related product standards. Therefore, the production enterprises are also required to be high, and enterprises should be familiar with various standards. According to statistics, the desk and chair products are mainly reflected in the uncovered hole size, the end of the metal pipe is not sealed and the stability of the chair is poor; the apartment bed is mainly reflected in the size of the guardrail, the ladder size does not meet the standard requirements and the strength of the bed surface; office chair Mainly reflected in the unsatisfactory durability of the casters; the file cabinet is mainly reflected in the strength test of the shelf support, the strength test of the push-pull member and the vertical static load test of the sliding door.

  Many of the phenomena that do not meet the standard requirements can be avoided before the furniture leaves the factory.

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