​First The Depth Of The Leisure Beach Chair

- Nov 09, 2018-

Usually in a formal occasion, sitting in a chair is only sitting in the front half, and sitting in a chair when relaxing is like falling into a chair. According to this situation, the depth of the leisure beach chair should not be too shallow, and the depth of the beach chairs of various styles is not First, but the basics will greatly exceed the sitting depth of the general conventional dining chair office chair. In fact, everyone's understanding of the depth of the chair is different, it is best to feel it personally. The recommended size is generally greater than 60CM.

Second, the height of the leisure beach chair

The height of the leisure beach chair is related to the height. The height of the seat board is generally between 30-35CM. If there is a small child or a person with a relatively small body, it is necessary to consider purchasing a leisure beach chair with a lower height.

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