Folding Furniture Has A Huge Presence In The Asia-pacific Region

- Jul 10, 2017-

With the acceleration of the urbanization process, population growth, smaller living space and other reasons, the demand for compact and portable furniture is increasing. Among them, folding furniture is not only versatile, but also save space, has become one of the best alternatives to traditional furniture, the market prospect is broad.

Allied Market Research recently released the "2014-2022 global folding furniture market opportunity analysis and industry forecast" report, is expected in 2022 global folding furniture market turnover will reach 13 billion US dollars, 2016-2022 compound annual growth rate of 6.8%.

From the market demand, the Asia-Pacific region to occupy the largest market share, followed by Europe. Asia-Pacific region is accelerating the process of urbanization, the effective use of limited space increased demand, small units and other housing, which greatly contributed to the rapid growth of folding furniture demand.

For the European market, in addition to urban development, creativity is to promote folding furniture in Europe, the reasons for the popular. Such as a small coffee table that can be stretched into a table, rotates 90 degrees with a hydraulic mechanism to become a large bed of walls, and so on.

Folding furniture is currently used mainly in residential, rather than commercial use; the most popular product type is the sofa, accounting for 3/5 folding furniture total revenue; according to Allied Market Research predicted that the fastest growing product demand is Folding bed, the highest annual compound growth rate; some innovative furniture design, such as Murphy bed (wall bed, stealth bed, flap bed), in the near future will be more popular

At present, folding furniture through the line and online two channels of sales, and offline channels is still the main sales, accounting for nearly Bacheng sales share. In the future, online sales of folding furniture are expected to increase rapidly due to the convenience and service improvement (such as free shipping, including furniture installation).

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