Foreign Trade Enterprise Transformation, With Good Financial Is The Key

- May 04, 2017-

During the Canton fair held each year, the RMB exchange rate has become the foreign trade enterprise the topic of common concern, exchange rate floating is directly related with the change of corporate profits.

The personage inside course of study says, trade finance, the escort use financial tools, has become a compulsory course in the transformation of the current foreign trade enterprises.

On April 26, the yuan central parity rate against the dollar at 6.8845 yuan, 12 basis points lower than the previous trading day.

Since opening of the 121th Canton fair, the yuan-dollar exchange rate has remained small floating.

In the long run, the RMB exchange rate floating range expanding into enterprise need to face the new problems, including finance, insurance, etc, of trade finance problem is transformation step but a barrier in my way.

"Financing difficulties, financing your" still exists

Financial institutions that RMB exchange rate floating profits, has a close relationship with the external uncertain factors increase, the risk control and prevention is more important, financing is of great significance to the enterprise transformation and upgrading of foreign trade enterprises should pay more attention to the role of financial.

Financial instruments exchange cost reduction

"By conducting forward foreign exchange purchase business basically can control the risks of currency fluctuations."

Shenzhen and popular science co., LTD., chairman of liujun, said in an interview with international business newspaper reporter company mainly research and development and export intelligent system of hardware and software in the field of education and so on, exports last year, tens of millions of dollars, exchange rate fluctuations will directly reduce the profits, but in the use of financial instruments, basic controlled exchange risk.

The relationship between the corporate profits of floating exchange rate

The foreign trade enterprise profit, the relationship between the exchange rate is a lot of enterprises.

Since the 11th August 2015 since the launch of revaluation of RMB exchange rate overall decline, firms are feeling breath a sigh of relief.

But after the exchange rate formation mechanism reform, float instead of unilateral appreciation becomes the new normal, many companies are a headache.

Guangzhou panyu sub-branch of bank of China, guangdong branch trade finance customer manager Wang Junhua said in an interview with reporters on the 121th Canton fair, in response to the exchange rate risk, Banks in recent years, we intensified the efforts on product innovation.


Products, such as forward to written and options or use a combination of both, can help enterprises to target specific exchange rate or exchange rate fluctuation range, reduce the risk of exchange of foreign trade enterprises.


Export corporation has to pay for the risk

In addition to the exchange rate, foreign trade enterprises in the financial problems encountered in the trade and lots more.

In recent years, with overseas clients capital chain tension, China's foreign trade enterprise of capital risk are high, with combined with overseas increase in the number of uncertain factors, export corporation.

Export corporation

The export credit insurance company of China guangdong branch underwriting management office staff kuan huang on the 121th Canton fair to meet the reporter said in an interview, the company for the export enterprises to provide short-term and long-term export financing services such as insurance, the l/c, there are three new changes: one is to expand overseas affiliates, is the escort business overseas;

The second is to provide a more comprehensive and timely information service, risk, reduce the risk of enterprise;

Three is to strengthen training to preach, expanding coverage.

"Financing difficulties, financing expensive", however, problems still exist, many exhibitors, reflect to the reporter, head of private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises still difficult to get loans from the bank, in addition to the enterprise own existence is not standard, the bank review mechanism can't keep pace with The Times is also important reasons.

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