France's Top Outdoor Furniture Fermob To Enter The Chinese Market

- Apr 24, 2017-

On April 24, blue morning announced the formal introduction of France's top Fermob outdoor furniture brand, and stopover in Beijing was the home of the home of the statue of the museum opened the first Fermob flagship store.

As outdoor brands, Fermob products include from garden to outdoor restaurant, sitting room and swimming pool decoration, decoration and little space, "every user Fermob can find what they need products" Fermob Liu Wanyou, general manager of China agents, blue morning pointed out in his speech at the opening ceremony.

Bernard, President of France Fermob raby "at the opening ceremony, points out that Fermob the idea of combining the fun and convenience of life, and turn it into every moment of creating products and using products.Bernard raby told reporters that Fermob fame not confined to France, it has become more than 60 countries around the world now restaurant, park, stadium, etc., including Harvard University, New York's times square, Bryant park, Michelin restaurants, Louis vuitton, Nike Beijing headquarters, etc.

So, the question comes, Fermob exactly what features can attract so many high-end brands to use it?

"The biggest characteristic is its colorful profusion colour" almost all seen Fermob products so answer.The reporter understands, because restricted by color technology, initially the courtyard used within the furniture color only stay on the white and green.Later Fermob through technical innovation to create the fennel, orange yellow, vanilla color color, won a large number of consumers.The technology level of development to the present, Fermob mentioned to a new level, not only can bring up the 24 kinds of color, and the surface roughness and strength is a world leader.

Besides color, Fermob also world-leading technology.Single take "paint" on this link to elaborate, Fermob 480 m long spray paint line, from the protection, drying to spray uv powder coating, until the baking line channel can 24 hours without intermittent operation, and can realize quick to replace the whole production line.It is worth mentioning that Fermob 15 seconds only 6 minutes to change color, this is the world's fastest technology at present.

It is reported, Fermob on industrial equipment every year investment is up to tens of millions of euros.



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