Full House Customization And Wind Power Profit

- Oct 31, 2017-

There are many people in society who like to shout slogans and make beautiful words. Of course, many of them follow the wind. 


What is the slogan of the so-called full-house custom now? 


"One-stop shopping to meet personalized needs, uniform style, reasonable use of space... " 


What can move a consumer, say what words, whether can or not really can do, cheat to say again. 


So the furniture design, even the consumer who knows nothing about the furniture, think really so, go to one-stop, save trouble; Just personalize it and think you can be different from everyone else. 


So, the whole house customization is the people who take advantage of the wind and profit, and use the whole house custom as the slogan to grab the furniture order, but the truth? 


Or a full house custom saying, "... Full house customization is not a simple combination of products, but to dig deep into the needs of consumers, through customized services, to realize the maximum utilization of space and create a private high-end living space. 


Not knowing what the current so-called whole house custom furniture business, several can do such an unsimple service - create private high-end living space. 


First, how many consumers need private, high-end living space? What is the percentage of the market that is really high-end? Today's furniture market in China, facing the people in the 1980s and 1990s, how much money do they have to pay for the private high-end living space after paying the high prices? 

Give a family to design furniture separately, make individuation, still have unified style, possibly? How much does it cost? And can our current level of designers be done? 

Isn't that a trick? 


Second, what is high-end living space? Different people have different demands, some people like to be lively; Some people prefer solitude and silence. Some people like to read; Some people like to play video games and watch TV... Moreover, most people, even don't know what high-end living space, do not know what they want, the designer, how can you know? 


Designers can only design for consumers according to the high-end living space they understand. However, many of our designers know what high-end living space is? 


Isn't that a trick? 


Today, therefore, the so-called whole house custom came out of the house just stuffed with space or plate wood furniture, board type furniture is at best partial functional, no aesthetic design, there is no design in the design, not to mention what unified style. 

The whole house customization is the slogan of the order for the order, the order to kill the consumers. 


Due to the complicated pricing of custom furniture, there are five gold pieces, various accessories and other extras, and then the complex plates and timber quotes. 


There are various ways of pricing: 

-- by the projected area 

-- press open area 

-- press the unit cabinet 

-- according to the software 


All kinds of fancy ways of pricing are popping up, leaving consumers in the cloud for a lot more than traditional furniture. 

At present China's national income level, as well as the social development stage, the home sofa, the table chair, the tea table, the TV ark, the bed and so on, can be customized? Is it necessary? 


What is the situation of furniture market abroad? In the United States, custom furniture peaked around 2000. 

Large furniture store in the United States custom business less than small shop, and after that also in constant decreases, the custom as the main business of small furniture store, also is the main source of profit, but regardless of the large, medium and small furniture store, custom furniture is no more than 20% of the (except cloth sofa, this is their culture, their sofa cloth and curtain are tie-in, usually so often by soft outfit company supplies, custom ratio is higher), in recent years, more than 15%. 

China's custom furniture, if not convergent, will fall faster than America, lower than the United States. 

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